1. You need to track and see what changes have been made to customer accounts.

  2. You want to know if a customer or staff member made the change.

This document assumes the following:

  • You have active accounts that have had some changes made to them.

  • You know how to access these accounts in the Customers Tab.

For every user account, we provide a brief record of changes to each item, along with what has changed and when the change happened.

This can be found on the customer record. 

  • For example, if a staff member changes the phone number for a parent this change is recorded. The name of the staff member, the previous phone number, and the number it was changed to is all shown.

  • Changes are tracked for almost every piece of data about a Parent or Child. The purpose of this feature to provide visibility, accountability, and security over the data of the children in your care.

Here are two examples:

1. This shows changes made by the parent.

2. This shows changes made by a staff member. 

Summary of recent changes to an account

  • At the top of every customer profile view, there is a section that summarises any recent changes made to the information on the account.

  • This makes it easy to see what information, such as phone numbers or addresses, has changed and when.

Awesome! You now know how to view and track account change history.