1. You are operating a Before and/or Afterschool care business and are registered with WINZ to take OSCAR Subsidies

  2. You need to apply these subsidies in a simple, clear and reportable fashion

This document assumes you know the following:

  • The rules, process and theory around administering OSCAR Subsidies

  • General Accounting Principals

  • How to use XERO (if you are a Xero user)

  • Enrolmy Terminology

Process Overview

Enrolmy has been designed with a clear process in mind.  This process offers the simplest and clearest way to manage OSCAR subsidies.  Following this process will ensure OSCAR Subsidies are applied correctly and that you will have accurate and detailed OSCAR records. 


  • This process is specifically designed for Before and Afterschool Care.

  • For information around managing OSCAR in Holiday Programmes - Click here.


  1. Complete Attendance Reconciliation (Daily).

  2. Complete OSCAR Reconciliation (Weekly)

  3. Generate Invoices.

  4. Sync with Xero (If a Xero user)

  5. Apply payments in Xero (plus usual financial management)

General Overview Detailed Process



Great! Now you understand the BASC-OSCAR overview a bit better!