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Business Ownership Change - What Happens to Your Enrolmy Account


  1. You are planning to or have already sold your provider’s business (legal entity)

  2. You are planning to buy or have already bought a provider’s business (legal entity)

This document assumes the following:

  • You are the new or previous owner of the provider’s business (legal entity)

If you are buying or selling a legal entity that owns an Enrolmy account, please note the following:

  • According to Enrolmy’s Terms and Conditions of Use, the Enrolmy account (instance) belongs to the legal person who acquired it

  • If you are planning to sell or buy the legal entity that acquired the Enrolmy account, please note that the new business owner is required to set up their own Enrolmy Account

  • Please contact the Enrolmy Support team to advise of this change and we will guide you through creating the new Enrolmy account.

How Enrolmy Will Support The New Owners

  • Enrolmy Help Centre is available 24/7 and has guidance on using Enrolmy

  • Enrolmy Support Staff is available to provide paid training for the new Enrolmy Account users during business hours

  • Please note that the previous Enrolmy account owner can:

    • Export your current customer database

    • Import your customer database and invite to book in order for this information to be retained and for your customers to be informed about this change

Please contact our friendly Enrolmy Support team for any further questions!

Awesome! You now know what happens if there is business ownership change for you as a provider!

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