1. You input an incorrect SWN number for a WINZ Statement

  2. You want to change the venue of a statement

  3. You want to change the week on a statement

This document assumes you know the following

  • You understand how to upload a WINZ Statement

  • You understand the subsidy tools in your Enrolmy Account

  • You understand your reconciliation process.

How To Change Venue & Week On WINZ Statements

You may need to change the week on your WINZ Statement if;

  • WINZ has paid you for a week in arrears and a week in advance on one statement. This is because WINZ usually dates the week number, exactly the same as a statement that you uploaded the week prior. Sometimes this will look like you have two statements for a venue inside Enrolmy, that could both be dated week 42(as an example.) Follow the steps below to change the week of the most recently uploaded statement.

You may need to change the venue on your WINZ Statement if;

  • You input the wrong SWN number

  • You uploaded a WINZ Statement inside the wrong activity

1. Head to the subsidies tab, and open the statement that you want to change. 

2. Select Edit week & venue

3. Use the drop-down field to select a different venue or week

4. Save changes

Great! You now understand how to change the week and or venue!