• Your Enrolmy instance and Xero Organisation are integrated

  • You offer credit/debit card payment for activities through the Enrolmy and Stripe partnership

  • You want to connect Xero tracking codes to your monthly posted Stripe journals

This document assumes:

If your organisation has completed the credit card setup section within Enrolmy, this means that you have created a Stripe Connect account through Enrolmy. Stripe Connect allows you to accept credit/debit payments for activities.

  • Every month a Stripe Fees Journal will be posted to the manual journal's section of your Xero Organisation. Please see how the Stripe Fees journal works here. 

It is possible to code a tracking category from your Enrolmy instance, to display against every fee inside the monthly manual journal. 

Code Xero Tracking Categories To Stripe Journals

1. Within the Settings section of your Enrolmy instance, head to the Xero Integration section.

2. Select Update Chart of Accounts to pull through any new Xero tracking categories you have created recently 

3. Scroll to the Credit Card Reconciliation Accounts section of the Chart of Accounts in Enrolmy

4. Against the Credit Card Payment Tracking Category (Optional) field, select the Xero Tracking Category you wish to code. 

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and save.

View of Posted Stripe Journal At End Of Month

1. Within Xero, head to the Manual Journals -> Posted tab

2. Open your recent months posted journal

3. The tracking category will now pull through against every fee line item

Note that any fees line items on previously posted monthly Stripe journals will be updated with Xero Tracking Category you have just connected.

Great! Now you understand Stripe Journal Xero Tracking catergories!