• You take or you want to take Credit Card payments from your customers

  • You want to understand the different Credit Card transaction fee options Enrolmy offers

  • You want to know how you can make an Activity “Pay by CC only”

Credit Card Transaction Fees

Enrolmy offers two different options for credit card fees which are inclusive of 15% GST , which you can see here.

Credit Card Transaction Fee Options

  • Option 1 - Provider Pays All

    • You as the provider will pay 3.63% of the transaction to Stripe.

  • Option 2 - Split Fees

    • The parent pays 1.85% of the amount they owe and you pay 1.85% of the transaction fee.


Stripe charges an additional 30 cents for their transactions. These 30 cents will always be charged to you as the provider, regardless of the Fees Option chosen.

Credit Card Activity Payment Options

  • Option 1 - All Payment Activities

    • None of your Activities will be “Pay by CC only”.

    • You can set the Credit Card Transaction Fee option to one of the three mentioned above. This will be applied to all of your Credit Card payments.

  • Option 2 - CC Only Activities

    • Enables you to make any or all of your Activities “pay by CC only”.

    • Enabling this option means you will automatically be choosing the Provider Pays All Credit Card Transaction Fee option

Yay! You now know how the Credit Card transaction fees work.