1. You want to know what a daily attendance reconciliation report is

  2. You want to know where to find the daily attendance reconciliation report

  3. You want to understand what the daily attendance reconciliation report shows

  4. You run activities at multiple venues and want to save and finalise the attendance in bulk

This document assumes the following:

  • Your onsite staff have saved a draft version of the attendance via the Enrolmy for Providers mobile app

  • Your administrators have saved a draft version of the daily attendance via the desktop Enrolmy app

The attendance reconciliation report provides a summary of all booking changes and additional fees for every activity that ran on a certain day. It displays this information in the same format as the completed Attendance Reconciliation form but shows all activities in one view. The intention is to give staff the ability to quickly review and approve these changes ahead of invoicing. Finalizing attendance is as easy as clicking the “Approve Changes“ button associated with each activity. If changes or wishes to review the full attendance record that can do so via the “Edit Attendance” button. To make this process efficient the Enrolmy process continues to rely on on-site staff to complete Draft Attendance Reconciliation daily for each activity. If reconciliation has not been completed at all then the booking changes will not be pulled into the Daily Attendance Summary Report and the office admin will be asked to complete a Draft attendance first.

Find Daily Attendance Reconciliation Report

1. Within the Activities tab, Select the + next to concluded activities

2. Select Daily Attendance Reconciliation

How To Generate Report

1. For every current venue/activity, the attendance will need to be updated and saved as a draft.

2. The draft can be saved via the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App too.

Report Detail & How To Use It

  • The date field will allow you to view every activity daily attendance reconciliation page. 

  • The venues field will allow you to filter the attendance reconciliation page for certain venues only or all venues.

  • If you only want to see attendance reconciliation pages that are currently in draft, then unselect the Include Finalized Activities tickbox.

  • Scrolling down the page, if you see the red notification Draft Attendance Reconciliation has not been completed. This means that the attendance for that day within that activity has not been saved as a draft. 

  • To save the draft attendance, or edit the attendance for any reason (prior to saving and finalising/approving changes) you can select Edit Attendance

  • Editing the attendance from the report page will open the specific daily attendance within that activity. Now you can make the changes you need to the attendance and save it as a draft. 

  • Once you save the attendance as a draft, you will be taken back to the Attendance Reconciliation Report

How to Save & Finalise Attendance In Bulk

The Daily Attendance Reconciliation Report will allow you to save and finalise the attendance for multiple activities from one screen. The attendance for the day across all activities must at least be saved as a draft before being able to complete the process below.

  • Scrolling down the Attendance Reconciliation Report you will be able to quick-view the children for the day whose Attended Sessions have all been updated. There will always be a difference between the Booked Sessions and Attended Sessions that displayed on this screen. It is up to you to review and save and finalise these changes. 

1. Scroll down the report slowly to view the day's saved attendance for all your current activities

2. Review the Booked Session and Attended Session column

3. Select Approve Changes to save and finalise the attendance for that day for that activity.

4. The report status for that activity will say Attendance Finalised

The attendance status for the day within the specific activity will also state that it has been finalised.

Awesome! You know understand the attendance reconciliation report!