1. Some of the emails you send from Enrolmy are going to spam/junk folders and you want to find out why.

This document assumes you understand the following

  • You understand how to send emails out of Enrolmy

  • You understand that Enrolmy sends automated emails to customers


Enrolmy's system templated emails are considered to be transactional emails. Our transactional emails include the following type;

  • Invoices or statements

  • Booking confirmation emails

  • Invite to join

  • Enrolment form reminders

Enrolmy's content and quality assurance processes ensure that our transactional emails are not considered spam by spam filters. Due to majority of Enrolmy emails being transactional; we hold a high non-spam score. 

Identifying 'Spammy' Emails

Unsolicited emails or group emails that you create inside Enrolmy, could easily be flagged as spam if;

  • You send too many of these types of emails

  • The content of the email is poor

  • The customer not receiving Enrolmy emails has marked an email as spam or junk in the past.

Quality Content Testing

If customers are not receiving your emails from Enrolmy then you can check the following;

  1. Ask the customer to check their junk/spam folder

  2. Double-check the customer has not unsubscribed from receiving your emails.

  3. Use the tool to see why your emails are being flagged as spam


Congratulations! You now understand why some of the emails you send from Enrolmy are going to spam/junk folders!