1. You need to export invoices to upload to MYOB, Xero or just to keep for your records.

  2. You need to export credit notes to MYOB, Xero or just to keep for your records.

This document assumes the following.

  • You have invoices that have been generated in Enrolmy.

  • You have previously run, or are going to be running activities soon.

  • You know what a CSV (Comma Separated Value) is and how it can be uploaded to another accounting platform.

You can easily export your invoice data from Enrolmy. There is one button to use when exporting invoice or Credit Notes from the Money Tab.

By clicking '+ More' you can access the 'Export to CSV' button,

When you click the  " Export CSV " button, this popup appears with the following options:

  • You can choose to export in the Enrolmy, Xero, MYOB or MYOB AccountRight formats. 

Exporting invoices and Credit Notes for "Each" Activity

You can export Invoice and Credit Note data in one hit for each activity.

Here is the process flow:

  1. Go to the Activities tab and choose the activity you wish to export data from.

  2. Select Invoicing.

  3. Select the attendees you want to export the data for.

  4. Select EXPORT TO CSV.

Your invoices and credit notes will be exported all at the same time, you can also include voided invoices, draft invoices and documents.

  • You can select to export in a number of formats, such as MYOB, Xero or Enrolmy, together with a draft and voided invoices if necessary. 

Awesome! You now know how to export invoices and credit notes.