FAQ's for Communication and Settings

Some common areas causing difficulties with probable solutions/reasons 

FAQ's for Administration / Process Functions

Q. I have tried to create a customer support ticket but it is not saving

A. Ensure you refresh your page, or come off the site and back on again, ensure cache's have been cleared.  If it still will not log your case, take a screenshot and advise us of the issue

Q. How do I upload more than one image to a case at a time?

A. From you pc where ever you have saved your images, either select multiple images by (command on a mac + click on all files you want to upload, or ctrl on windows desktop + click on all files you want to upload)

Q. I have modified an email template but its not adding in details it should

A. Sometimes when templates are edited things are deleted in error, the macros which sit in the { } curly brackets pull through data, such as names etc. this is an obvious one to get deleted in error.

Q. I have modified a template but it has not not saved the details when I then go to use that template and email out

A. If you have definitely saved this, then this could be a bug, if you can report this as a case to us if you are sure you saved your changes

Q. I have unsubscribed a customer from emails but they are still receiving them, why?

A. The unsubscribe cannot eradicate all mailings as it cannot determine what may be important such as an invoice against an invitation to an activity, the best way to stop all communication is for the customer to be removed from the database by us, however if they are still an existing customer they may still get mail, and your explanation of the above would be needed to your customer

Q. I have printed off the attendees list, but my custom questions and answers are not shown

A. Rather than selecting the print details button, select all your attendees, then the + More button, then CSV report, select the items you wish to export including your custom Q's

Q. How do I add a new staff member to Enrolmy?

A. The process is the same as for all other staff members you would have added previously, you can simply add in their details within the settings area under manage staff and send them a link.  If you want to replace one staff member with another lets say they are using their old email address

Q. Incomplete Enrolment email reminders are not being sent?

A. This generally points to two things, either the email address is incorrect, either in validation, or there are spaces at the front or end that should not be, or the reminder limit has been met.  If you have checked these and these are not apparent, let the Support Team know.

Q. My Customer has said they are not receiving emails or invoices from us, and I notice they are unread in the communication channel why would that be?

A. The following are areas you need to check which are possible causes.

1. Email address is incorrect or has spaces before or after as they may have copied and pasted the email when setting the account up. the cursor placement may have added spaces

2. The emails have gone to Junk, Spam or other folders, Hotmail accounts are renowed to do this, they must check these folders, and also adjust filters on their email settings, they can also add the following to allow emails from this recipient: @enrolmy.com

3. The email could not be received due to size limitations on their email account, or bounced back

Q. I have a new staff member replacing an old one who needs to access EM, can I change over their accounts from one to the other as it will be the same work email address they need to login?

A. The best advice should be to create a new account with a new email address., however if this is not possible as you use a generic email like office@school.co.nz then the advice would be to change the first name and last name and password and keep the existing account.  You can also if it is a gmail account gmail use the + trick. ie login will become office+mike@school.co.nz.  Unique login for enrolmy, but the same email account on gmail.

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