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FAQ's For Communication And Settings

Some common Questions and Answers are noted below.



I have modified an email template but its not adding in the details it should?

Ensure that the { } curly brackets are still visible as these pull through data, such as names etc.

I have unsubscribed a customer from emails but they are still receiving them, why?

Even if an email address has been unsubscribed, it will still receive emails that are deemed important such as:

  1. Outstanding or overdue invoices

  2. Statements

My Customer has said they are not receiving emails or invoices from us, and I notice they are unread in the communication channel why would that be?

The following are areas you need to check which are possible causes:

  1. Email address is incorrect or has spaces before or after as they may have copied and pasted the email when setting the account up.

  2. The emails have gone to Junk, Spam or other folders. Hotmail accounts are renowned to do this, they must check these folders, and also adjust filters on their email settings, they can also add the following to allow emails from this recipient:

  3. The email could not be received due to size limitations on their email account, or bounced back.

Awesome! You now know a little bit more about communications!

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