Q: How can I calculate how much WINZ subsidies my organisation receives annually?

A. You can run a statement from Xero which will show all payments received.

Q: How are subsidies reflected in Xero?

A: If you setup your Xero account codes for subsidies then all you need to do is run a detailed account transaction report in Xero.

Q. How can I print a report on WINZ receivers in Enrolmy?

A. Export a list of all WINZ Credit Notes that have been applied to invoices from within the Money > Credit Notes tab > and then selecting the 'Applied to Invoices' tab. This will generate a report on all WINZ receivers and the amounts they have received.


Q. How does Enrolmy calculate a subsidy when a child is absent?

A: The Enrolmy Subsidy Reconciliation Process will generate a WINZ Credit Note for every child that is identified on the WINZ Statement that your organisation receives. Even if the child was absent for a week or not even booked into the programme.

 Awesome! You now know a little bit more about subsidies!