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FAQ's For UK Subsidies

Find answers to common questions surrounding how to setup and manage your subsidies on Enrolmy.



What happens if two payments for the same child from the same subsidy provider are on the statement?

The way Enrolmy handles this is:

  • The payments will be shown individually on the Statement import (ie. as they appear on the bank statement).

  • But the payments will be combined during the batch reconciliation process.

If Jill Smith has paid twice for her child Johnny via Tax-Free Childcare, once for £15 and again for £20, then these will show as individual payments during Statement reconciliation.
But on the Payment Batch reconciliation page, they will be combined into one entry for “Johnny Smith - Tax Free Childcare” totalling £35.

When I am adding children to a Payment Batch, why is it only finding children with Tax-Free Childcare?

That’s because when a Payment Batch has been created via an imported Statement, the batch is tagged/locked to a specific subsidy provider (for example, Tax Free Childcare only). When an imported statement is Finalised, one batch is created for every subsidy provider identified on the statement.

You can tell if the Payment Batch is locked to a specific provider here:


What happens if I receive a lump sum for one child that is for different activities?

You can handle this by selecting the “this is a batch payment” option even though it is for one child:

Then when finalising the batch payment, you can then break it into different payments.

For any unanswered queries, please contact our customer support team for help.

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