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FAQs For Active Kids And Creative Kids Voucher

Some common Active/ Creative Kids Voucher Questions and Answers are noted below:



What if a parent enters in a Voucher code twice?

Enrolmy will not recognise duplicate voucher codes, you will need to submit the voucher code to the NSW portal in order to get confirmation that it has already been used. 

Are there instance examples for why/when/how a voucher credit note would just become unapplied without me triggering this?

No, but you could easily unapply the credit note from the invoice (via Money tab or Xero) without realising it for a voucher.

When the “Mark as rejected” button is ticked, what happens to the invoice?

This will only void the credit note and NOT the invoice. If you don’t want to keep the booking then you can go through the booking cancellation process to inform the customer that the booking has been cancelled.

If I want to enter a voucher code manually, would I be able to do this on a draft invoice?

Yes, you will be able to!

If I rebook children for next term myself, are the parents still able to submit their voucher details?

Re-enrolling the children yourself will also mean that you will have to take all the voucher detail yourself and apply them against the invoice. 

If you wish to use the voucher feature then it would be best to have the parents rebook themselves in and submit the voucher details in the process.

Great! Please head to our Help Centre for further details!

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