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Find Completed / Incomplete Safety Forms


  1. You want to know how to activate a safety form list

  2. You want to know where to find a list of completed safety forms

  3. You want to know where to find a list of incomplete safety forms

This document assumes the following:

  • You have asked parents to complete a safety form as part of your activity settings

Guide Overview:

  • How To Activate A Safety Form List

  • Find Complete Safety Form List

  • Find Incomplete Safety Form List

How To Activate A Safety Form List

Your activity settings must have the safety form question activated to enable the safety form list. 

1. When creating an activity, or editing an activity - scroll to the Booking Settings section

2. Switch on the option Attendees must complete the Safety Form before attending

3. Save changes to your activity

Safety Form Completion for Activity Attendees

A list of which children have successfully completed Safety Forms will appear within all your activities that have the safety form question activated within the activity settings.

1. Head to your activity, and the All Attendees/Booked In tab

2. The Safety Form column will highlight all attendees who have Completed their safety form via the status.

3. Attendees with incomplete safety forms will also be displayed here too.

Find Incomplete Safety Form List

There are two areas where you can find incomplete safety forms:

  • Within the activity - for children only

  • Within the Customers Tab - all customers

Within the activity:

1. Head to your activity, and the Incomplete Safety Form tab

See what actions can be taken to manage incomplete safety forms here

Within the Customers Tab:

  1. Head to the Customers Tab

  2. Select the + and choose Incomplete Safety Forms

This will show ALL customers including caregivers with incomplete safety forms with the below additional information:

  • The last time the Safety Form completion was checked for each customer.

  • The Status of the account whether Archived, Active or current.

  • An alert triangle represents if there are a large number of unanswered questions

  • A bubble with a number representing the number of unanswered questions

Awesome! You now know how to find completed / incomplete safety forms!

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