• You cannot find a WINZ payment within Enrolmy

This document assumes the following:

  • You are following Enrolmy’s WINZ reconciliation process

'Losing' a WINZ Payment in Enrolmy is not possible. It is more likely that you haven't generated a WINZ Credit Note for a payment. Enrolmy makes it easy to identify any WINZ payments that have not got an associated WINZ Credit Note. At this point, you will need to save and finalise the Subsidy form to generate a WINZ Credit Note. 

How To Find Un-reconciled WINZ Payments & Generate WINZ Credit Notes

1. Head to the Subsidies Tab

2. Look for the WINZ statement that is highlighted red and states Action Required

3. Select Action Required to open the WINZ statement.

4. The unreconciled WINZ payment will be highlighted in red.

5. The activity and unreconciled week that needs to be reconciled will also be highlighted in red.

5. Select the highlighted activity in red

6. This will take you to the specific week and activity that the WINZ Payment is lodged against

7. Save and finalise this subsidies page to generate your missing WINZ Credit Note

Awesome! You now understand how to find a missing WINZ payment!