1. You are a parent and you want to know how to use your promo code discount when booking into activities on Enrolmy

This document assumes you know the following:

  • The activity you are booking accepts promo code vouchers

  • You have a valid promo code number that has not been used before

How To Use Your Promo Code During The Booking Process

1. Find the activity provider you want to book with

2. Select the activity that you want to book into and complete the basic booking form.

3. Enter your Promo Code within the Promo Code section on the booking form

4. The discount from your code will show in the Total Fees calculation

5. Select Proceed with your booking to add in your attendees.

 Promo Code Review On Invoices

The promo code will appear on an invoice as a discount line item. 

"Averageā€ discount is showed and the discounts are combined if there are 2 and more discounts applied:

 Congratulations! You now understand how parents use Promo Codes during the booking process!