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How To Accept/Decline Bookings


  1. You are running a Team Sports, One Day Only, Camp or Registration Activity

  2. You want to understand how to accept or decline bookings

This document assumes the following:

  • You know how to set up an activity

  • You are running an activity which has existing bookings

Certain Activity types such as Team Sports, One Day Only, Camp or Registration activities have the ability to invoice only once a booking has been confirmed:

Accepting Bookings

Bookings that require confirmation prior to invoicing can be accepted in the following ways:

Option 1

By confirming the entire team:

Option 2

By confirming one player at a time:

Option 3

By editing the child's booking and clicking Confirm:

Declining Bookings

There is only one way to decline a booking and that is by editing the booking:

It is important to note that declining a booking does not cancel a booking. The “Cancel Booking” process will need to be followed in order to remove a booking altogether.

Congratulations! You now know how to accept or decline bookings!

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