1. You want to add a helpful note to a student's name on your attendance sheet

  2. You want to know where the notes pull from to show on the attendance sheet

This document assumes the following:

  • You have attendees added to your activity

  • You understand how to save and finalise your attendance

 How To Add Attendance Notes

  1. Within your activity, navigate to the Attendance section for your chosen day 

  2. Select the grey plus button beside the name of the student you wish to make a note against

  3. Type your note into the pop-up box and select Add Note when done

  4. Save the attendance

Saved Attendance Notes

1. Notice the grey plus button will turn green once a note has been successfully applied

2. Scroll to the bottom of the sheet to find all your notes against each child saved and stamped with a staff member, date, and time.  

3. You will be able to find notes added to a specific attendance day on the Mobile App Info Tab:

Awesome! You can now add notes to your attendance!

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