1. You wish to give your staff member a specific discount

  2. You want the discount to apply to a specific activity type or to all their bookings

This document assumes the following:

  • You are clear about the discounts you offer and how they affect your business

  • You understand that staff discounts are different from activity discounts

How To Add Staff Discounts

  1. Within the Customer tab search and select your staff member

  2. Click the Action Cog and select Edit to open their enrolment form

  3. Under the Direct Discounts section select:  "I want to set up a direct discount for this customer".

  4. Select which activity type this discount will apply to and add a description

  5. Select the discount as a percentage(%) or a dollar amount($)

  6. Select an expiry date for the Staff Discount if you wish

  7. The direct discount will now apply to all invoices generated going forward. See the Direct Discount FAQ Help Guide to answer further questions.

Now you know how to add Staff Discounts! See how to filter your discounts here!

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