• You want to allocate a credit note to an invoice 

  • You want to allocate credit notes to invoices in bulk

  • You want to understand about what is and what is not possible when allocating invoices

This document assumes the following:

  • You have a credit note within the draft or current tabs within your Money Menu

  • You do not want to refund this credit back to the parent

How Credit Note Allocations Work

  • It is possible to allocate credit notes that are in a draft or current status

  • Credit notes can only be applied to outstanding or overdue invoices.

  • Allocating a draft credit note will convert it to a current or paid status.

  • Credit notes in draft status will not sync with Xero.

  • Credit notes cannot be applied to an outstanding or activity statement. 

How To Allocate Credit Notes To Invoices

1. Whether the credit note is in the draft or current tab, you can select it using the tickbox next to the customer's name. 

2. Select Allocate to invoice

3. Review the outstanding credit balance field to see the dollar value amount of how much credit is available to apply to the highlighted invoice.

4. If you do not want to adjust the Amount To Credit then select Allocate Credits.

5. The invoice will now have the credit applied against it.

How To Allocate Multiple Credit Notes in Bulk

1. Whether the credit note is in the draft or current tab, use the tick boxes to multi-select the credit notes that you wish to allocate to invoices. 

2. Scroll down on the Credit Note Allocation Pop-Up that appears on your screen to review all possible credit note allocations that can be made

3. Adjust the Amount To Credit field if you wish to split credit between multiple invoices. See the total amount to credit field update as you make allocation changes.

4. Select Allocate Credits to apply credits to invoices.

Great! You now know how to allocate credit notes to invoices!