This document outlines

  • Option 1

  • Option 2

  • Option 3

  • FAQ’s for WINZ and OSCAR Subsidies

Option 1

How to manage OSCAR payments using the Subsidies Tab. This is for Before and After Care only.

This article assumes you are familiar with the following

  • Oscar subsidies and how they relate to your business.

  • The process you and the family go through to apply for OSCAR subsidies

  • That you know the Oscar subsidies for the relevant children in your activity

Setting up your activity to take Oscar Subsidies.

If your activity has been accepted by the Ministry for Oscar Subsidies you will need to ensure this button is has been set to Yes in the Activity Settings.  It is found near the bottom of the settings page.

You can set this,

  • When first setting up the activity or

  • By clicking the edit settings tab in the activity

You will then need to set the invoicing cycle for your activity.

You will have the following options,

  • Every Week

  • Fortnightly

  • Every 4 weeks or

  • Every Five Weeks

The Subsidies Tab within your activity.

When the above button is set to 'Yes' the Subsidies Tab will then be available for use within your activity.  You can find it as pictured below.

  • The Activity you are in

  • Click the 'Plus (+)'

  • Select 'Subsidies' 

Using the Subsidies Page

Below is an image of the Subsidies Page.  Under that is an explanation of the different sections of the page and how you can enter the relevant detail to the page.

1. Filters

The most important filer is the date Range to the right of the word Subsidies.  This date range corresponds to the length of billing cycle you set up in the activity settings as above.  Once periods have past you can jump back into any previous period to see the subsidy applied in that period.

2. List and detail

This is the list of all attendees in the Activity and their Winz Status including

  • Booked Hours (how many hours have actually been booked)

  • Booking cost (total cost of booked hours)

  • Subsidy Status (see No.3 for more detail on setting this)

  • Cap (Capped Hours as identified by WINZ)

  • Subsidy Hrs (Actual Subsidy Hours)

  • Subsidy Due (dollar figure due for that period)

  • Invoiced (if it has been applied to an invoice yet)

  • Difference (what of the subsidy hasn't been applied to an Invoice).

If a parent has selected that they are applying for OSCAR at the time of booking then it will show that they are applying here also.

3. Entering the Subsidy

You can enter the Subsidy in two places; On the booking page itself (Click here to see) or in this page (as below).  To open this section you just click on the line (but not the name).

You can

  • Enter the rate

  • Enter the Cap

  • Identify if the application has been submitted to WINZ

  • Identify if the application has been successful

How is this Information used in Invoicing

Once you have set all the rates they will roll forward to each new time period (i.e. they wont ned to re-enter then each period).  When you then invoice for the period it reads from this screen (for the period you are invoicing for) and applies the amount as a negative line item on the Invoice for the customer.  You can find out about this process in Generating Invoices (Link).

It is important to review this page each week to make sure it matches the Subsidy Statement you get from WINZ for the relevant week.  It will identify if there are any changes to the subsidies and if any subsidies have finished unexpectedly.

How this is reflected in Xero (for Xero users)

If you choose to use this method and also use Xero then you'll need to ensure the subsidies line in the Xero set up is coded to the correct Xero Code.  Please click here to review the WINZ Xero connection.

Option 2

Applying OSCAR payments against Invoices in Enrolmy.

This article assumes you are familiar with the following

  • Oscar subsidies and how they relate to your business.

  • The process you and the family go through to apply for OSCAR subsidies

  • That you know the Oscar subsidies for the relevant children in your activity

  • That you know how to Generate Invoices for OSCAR programmes in Enrolmy

Applying OSCAR Subsidies as a payment against invoices

To apply a WINZ payment against an invoice in Enrolmy complete the following 5 steps

  1. Click Money.

  2. You will land on the Invoices Tab.

  3. Click Draft or Awaiting Payment.

  4. Select the invoice or invoices you want to apply payments to (remember you can toggle the name to see which child it relates to).

  5. Click +More next to the search.

  6. Click Receive Payment.

You then arrive on the screen below

  1. Set the Date Deposited.

  2. Choose WINZ Payment as the Payment Type

  3. Enter the payment Amount NZD.

  4. Tick if you want to email a receipt to the customers to let then know the WINZ payment has been added.

  5. Click Receive Payment(s).

A note for Xero Users

If you are connected with Xero then you will need to ensure the Xero sync Map connects this payment type with a Suspense Account in Xero.  That way these payments are recorded to that account and when you actually receive the funds as displayed in the Xero bank feed you can reconcile them to that same account balancing the account out.

Option 3

If you do not wish to use the internal Enrolmy process for WINZ then you can directly apply the WINZ payments in Xero to the relevant invoices. This works for both Before and After Care as well as Holiday Programmes.

This article assumes you are familiar with the following, 

  • Oscar subsidies and how they relate to your business.

  • The Xero process for reconciling payments to invoices including

  • Part payments

  • Split payments

  • Overpayments

  • Your Xero Chart of Accounts and how they are structured for your business.

If you are unfamiliar with any of these process please review the Xero help docs or make time to work with your account to learn these operations.

Reconciling WINZ Payments in Xero

Prior to reconciling your payments in Xero you would have completed the following tasks.

  • Reconciled all attendance for the relevant period (say 1 week)

  • Generated Invoices for the relevant period.

  • Reviewed and approved those invoices (but do not send yet as they have not had the WINZ applied).

  • Synced those invoices through to Xero.

  • Checked those invoices are in Xero

  • Have received a Statement from WINZ identifying the payments due to each WINZ customer.

You will now have a fresh batch of Invoices in Xero with which to reconcile payments to.

When the WINZ payment appears in your Xero reconciliation feed you will need to apply the amounts identified on the WINZ statement to the relevant invoices.  This requires you have a knowledge of the following,

  • How to apply one payment to multiple invoices in Xero

  • How to apply part payments to invoices in Xero.

If you do not know how to do these please refer here for Xero help documentation or contact your accountant.

Pro's and Con's

This is a is a tidy way to apply payments to invoices.  It's easy for you to accurately apply the WINZ payments.  It keeps your Xero tidy however and quickly points out any errors in the WINZ processing. There are however some drawbacks to this process.

  • Xero doesn't record that the payment you are applying is a WINZ payment so this is not communicated to the parent and can't be reported on for your records.

  • You have to wait until the money appears in your account before applying it.  This is both good (so you know it's accurate) and bad (as you have to wait for the money to arrive for you to apply it to the invoice.  This means the invoices isn't accurate for the parent for a few days so you end up sending it late.

Yay! You now know how to apply WINZ and Oscar payments