• You are considering what contact merge options you have, before completing your first Xero sync

This document assumes the following:

Before completing your first Xero sync, you should understand that;

  • The billpayer first name, last name and email address that exists inside Enrolmy will send through to Xero.

  • You may already have all your customers pre-loaded into Xero. Therefore Enrolmy will be creating another version of a contact you already have inside Xero. 

  • Enrolmy can automatically merge the two accounts you have for a parent inside Xero. 

How To Auto-Merge Xero Contacts 

1. Within Enrolmy, head to the Xero Integration section within the Settings 2. Under the Settings Description section, switch the setting to YES or NO that asks you to prevent Xero from auto-merging contacts with the same name. a. If you want Enrolmy to auto-merge contacts inside Xero, then leave this answer as NO b. If you do not want Enrolmy to auto-merge contacts inside Xero then switch this answer to YES

Awesome! You now know how to auto-merge Xero contacts using Enrolmy!