1. You are running an Activity on Enrolmy

  2. You want to see the state of invoices associated with that activity

This document assumes the following:

  • You are running an Activity on Enrolmy

  • You understand what you are charging customers who book for the Activity

You may wish to see a total of monies received and or owing in a future, Current or Concluded Activity.  Here is how you can do this:

1. Select the Activities Tab.

2. Find the Activity name.

3. Select Activity.



4. After selecting Activity, select Invoicing.

5. Select the Date Range (where applicable).

6. Select the relevant Status type, i.e, all statuses, void, paid, etc.

7. Click Search, and your selection will be displayed.



The paid column on printed attendance sheets

There is a very simple paid / unpaid column on the Printed Attendance Sheets which gives providers a quick visual update on the overall invoice situation.

  • If all invoices are fully paid there will be a tick in the column, if any invoices are outstanding there will be a cross, x.

  • If no invoices have been made there will be a horizontal line (-).



Awesome! You now know how to check if invoices are paid.