1. You want to know how to check your WINZ Suspense account balances in Xero

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You understand how WINZ works in Enrolmy

How To Find Your WINZ Suspense Account Report

1. Log into your Xero account and select Accounting

2. Next, select Account Transactions and search for EMY-WINZ - Enrolmy WINZ Payment Suspense A/c


3. Select the date range of the month you are wanting to see and click update


How To Check Your WINZ Account 

Every week you are reconciling WINZ payments that you are receiving into an EMY-WINZ Suspense account and at the end of every month, you need to ensure this account is balancing. Once you have pulled up the report as instructed above - the first quick check to complete is by looking at the balance right at the bottom of the report. This should be sitting on a $0.00 balance, however, if it is not. Then you need to check the following:


How To Balance Your WINZ Suspense Account

1. Match up WINZ credit notes against the WINZ payments received for each week

2. If there seems to be a missing WINZ payment:

3. Ensure you have reconciled each WINZ payment to the correct suss accounts

If there seems to be a missing WINZ Credit Note

1. Ensure you have fully reconciled your subsidies inside Enrolmy and generated the WINZ Credit Note.

2. Check the status of the WINZ Credit Note within Enrolmy and ensure it has been applied to an invoice.

Great! You now know how to check your WINZ suspense accounts in Xero!