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How To Communicate Changes To Your Customers


  1. You are new to Enrolmy and want to communicate the change of booking management to Parents

  2. You have business process changes coming that you want to inform parents about

This document assumes the following:

  • You know where to send emails from in Enrolmy

How To Communicate Changes To Your Customers

Things to include in your email correspondence: 

  • Proposed Change – What will change? This should be a brief explanation of the proposed change. Make sure to address not only what will change but also who it will affect and when it will take place.

  • Reason for Change – Why should this change happen? Use this section to address anticipated concerns and/or resistance to drive home the ‘why’ for this change.

  • Intended Outcome(s) – What would be a specific outcome of a successful change?

  • Additional Factors to Consider – What other areas might this change affect? 

Communication Email Template

Subject line: New way of Booking with (Company Name’s)/(Company Name’s) New booking platform!

Hi All/Parents Name,

I/we are excited to announce that we are making a change to how we manage your bookings with our new booking system Enrolmy!

We are beyond grateful for your continued support and loyalty to our business over (Time frame). At this time I am proudly able to announce that from our (Start Enrolmy Activity) onwards we are changing our booking management system.

Because of this change, please keep in mind that as we adjust our accounts to align with our new booking platform the financial view for you might not be completely accurate. We thank you for your patience on this.

We invite you to book in with us for our (Start Enrolmy Activities) here on our new booking platform Enrolmy.



(Provider/Company Name)

Please note that this is just a proposed template. You will need to customise this to suit your business needs!

 Awesome! You can now communicate with your customers using the template above!

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