1. You want to create new activities quickly and use the same settings that are already setup within your current activity settings

This document assumes you know the following:

How To Create A Copy of Your Current Activity

Creating a copy of your current activity is the fastest way to set up the next term's activities. This action will pull across all of the information you have set up within an activity, to a new one! 

  1. Within the Activities Tab, search for the activity you wish to copy for next term

  2. Select the Action Cog for that activity and select 'Create A Copy'

Update the new activity settings if need be. Key areas to adjust are:

  1. Activity Name

  2. Venue

  3. Session times and costs

  4. Dates

  5. Discounts

4. Save the copied activity with its updated information

Please consider this help guide if you are a Before and After School or Holiday Programme Activity Provider: Considerations For Changes In Session Settings

Awesome! You know how to create a copy of your activity. See how to promote your new activities here!

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