• You want to know how to generate a Credit Note

  • You want to refund a customer due to an unplanned absence, or a class change

  • You want to know how the credit note can be used to refund a customer

  • You want to know how to view credit notes in Xero (for Xero users)

This document assumes the following:

  • You understand what a credit note is

  • You know the processes where Credit Notes are automatically generated in Enrolmy

  • You understand basic financial principles

How to create and convert credit notes

This article covers:

  • Generating credit notes

  • Refunding using credit notes

  • Applying Credit Notes to an invoice


Once you generate a credit note, you have two options:

  1. Manually refund the credit to the customer.

  2. Apply the credit note to an invoice.

We will cover these two options. But first...

How to Generate a Credit Note

As Enrolmy generates Credit Notes for certain processes you will rarely need to manually generate them.  But if you do.

  1. Navigate to the Money tab.

  2. Click the New Credit Note button in the top right area of the page.

  3. Fill in the details of this credit note.

  4. Click the orange Create Credit Note button at the bottom.

  1. Navigate to the Drafts tab.

  2. Click the cog to the far right on the row of your credit note.

  3. Select Refund.

  4. Enter the information regarding the refund and process.

  5. You will see this now appear in the refund tab. No actual refund has taken place. This is a paper exercise that reflects what you have actually processed from your bank account.

  6. Sync with Xero and process the manual refund to the customer.

  1. Select your credit note using the tick box to the left of the row.

  2. Click the Apply to Invoice button.

  3. You will now see a list of invoices.

  4. Use the price boxes to allocate the credit to invoices of your choice. You can split the credit between more than one invoice.

Apply credit notes to invoices from the Activity Invoicing tab

There is an "Action cog” item that lets users apply credit notes to invoices directly from the Invoicing tab within an activity.

The action can be found by:
Navigating to your activity → Invoicing tab → click the “expand” arrow (RHS on Invoices table) → click the “Action cog” next to a Credit Note item → select “Apply to invoice“

View Credit Notes generated in Enrolmy in Xero

It is possible to jump directly to the corresponding credit note in Xero from inside Enrolmy.

  1. Navigate to the full view of any credit note that has been synced with Xero

  2. Click the View in Xero link:

Please note that only approved credit notes will sync to Xero.

 Congratulations! You now know how to create and convert credit notes.