• You are setting up/have set up an activity and want to understand how the sessions and pricing section works

  • You want to ensure that your sessions and prices are set up correctly before you take bookings

This document assumes the following:

  • You know how you want to group your sessions and have setup your categories first

Understand the Sessions & Pricing Feature & Functionality in Enrolmy

  • A session in Enrolmy is what allows your customers to book with you.

  • The session name is made visible to customers.

  • Sessions must be attached to a Category.

  • It is possible to have multiple sessions within one activity, run at the same time. 

  • It is possible for customers to book into multiple sessions within one activity

  • It is possible to have different caps for each session

How to Setup Your Activity Sessions & Pricing

Use the instructions below to create sessions within your activities. Or if you are setting up a before & after school care activity then see the best practice sessions set up for that activity type here.

1. When creating an activity or editing an activity, 'scroll' to the Sessions Times & Cost Section

2. Select 'Create a New Session' and input the session name that you want customers to see

3. Select the appropriate category for the session

4. Input the attendance limit for the session, the time, and the cost that customers should pay per session


How To Add An Attendance Limit To A Specific Session

If you have multiple sessions within one activity, and you need each session to have its own attendance limit then:

 Within the Activity Settings

1. Scroll to the sessions section

2. Next to the session name, input the total number of bookings you want to take for that session

3. Select 'Update Sessions' to save your modifications

How To Edit Your Sessions, Change Category, Add Icons & Control Your Attendance Caps Further

Gain further control over how your sessions work and display to parents.

Within your Organisation Settings

1. Within the Session Pricing Section of your Organisation Settings, Select the session you are wanting to modify.

2. Here you can change the session category

3. Adjust the time of the session and the prices too

4. Identify this session as a before or after school care session and ensure that an attendee must book into every session of the term for this item.

5. Attach an icon to this session that will display to parents when they book.

6. Xero Users can attach a Xero Tracking Code to this specific session.

Awesome! Now that your sessions and pricing has been finalised, you can start taking bookings!

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