1. You have a need to export your customer information

  2. You need to export your customer information to import into another software

This document assumes the following:

  • You know what customer data you are storing on Enrolmy

  • You know what a CSV (Comma Separated Value) document is and how it can be opened

All of the customer data generated from your business is exportable by a CSV format inside Enrolmy. Here is a step by step guide on how to export your Customer Data:

1. Firstly select the 'Customers Tab', and then 'Active Accounts'.

2. Filter your customer data according to what you are wanting to export.


3. Select the +more and choose Export to CSV in the Enrolmy format or in the Email/Mailchimp format.

4. If exporting in the Enrolmy format, you will have the option to export the following:

  • Basic Data

  • Advanced Data

  • Custom Questions

For performance reasons “Advanced Data” or “Custom Questions” can not be exported if more than 500 Customers have been selected.

 Congratulations! You now know how to export Customer Data from Enrolmy!