1. You are cancelling your subscription on Enrolmy and need to export important data from your Enrolmy Instance

  2. You want to know how to export your enrolment form information

  3. You want to know how to export your invoices from Enrolmy

This document assumes the following:

  • You have contacted Enrolmy Support with a request to cancel your subscription

How to Export Enrolment Forms

1. Within the Customers tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and select all customers

2. Use the tickbox to select all your customers 

3. Select + more and then Export to CSV

4. Use the tickbox to select all the fields of the enrolment form you wish to export via CSV

How to Export Invoice Information

1. Within the Money tab, select the All invoices menu

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select show all 

3. Use the tickbox to select all your invoices

4. Select + more and then Export to CSV

5. Choose your export format option. 

  • Enrolmy

  • Xero

  • MYOB

  • MYOB AccountRight

6. Choose which level of detail you wish to export your invoices by

  • Basic invoice summary

  • Full invoice and line items

How To Troubleshoot A Timed Out CSV Export

Your CSV export may take too long to complete, or time out. The reasons for this may be due too;

  • The internet connection is unstable during the CSV export.

  • The volume of items you are trying to export may be too large at one time. 

To resolve this you can try too;

1. Refresh your browser, reset the WIFI connection and re-try the export. 

2. Export your information by sections to reduce the volume of data being exported at one time. 

3. If step 1 & 2 does not work, then please contact Customer Support to request export assistance from our team.

How To Export Data From Customers Tab

Head to the Customers Tab and select +> More >

  • You can export Attendee Data as CSV which will show the Safety Form information entered

The Report Display
  • You can export CSV Attendance Report

The Report Display

 Awesome! You now know how to export data from Enrolmy!