1. You want to compare the number of bookings for your activity with the actual attendance in your activity.

  2. You want to know how to export booked and attendance data.

  3. You need the data for funding audits and general reporting.

  4. You want to generate an Attendance (or MSD) Report

This document assumes the following

  • You are familiar with navigating around Enrolmy.

  • You have utilized Enrolmy's attendance tracking and reconciliation features throughout the term/year.

  • You are using the BASC Activity Type

How to Generate an Attendance or MSD Report

The data on this spreadsheet will be an accurate reflection of your saved and finalized booked and attended hours over a certain date period.

1. Open your BASC activity and head to the Attendance tab

2. Select the '+' more button and click 'Weekly Attendance Report'

3. Toggle between your term dates, and select which sessions are applicable for your MSD Report then select Generate Report

4. Now Export or Print report.

Congratulations! You now know how to generate an Attendance Report!