• You want to know how suitable a Concise invoice would be for your Before and After School Care or Holiday Programme activity.

  • You want to find out how to generate Concise Invoices for your activity.

This document assumes the following.

  • You know what activity category you will be using on Enrolmy.

  • You know the business rhythm of your activity and how it relates to your invoicing.

Concise Invoices

This article covers:

  • What concise invoices are.

  • When a concise invoice should be used.

  • How to change your activity settings to generate concise invoices. 

In Enrolmy, you can generate two types of invoices:

  • A detailed invoice - displays each session's information in a separate row. Click here to find out more about detailed invoices.

  • A concise invoice - aggregates all sessions and displays a single row with the totalled number of sessions and the total amount. 

Example of Concise Invoice

When should you use a Concise Invoice?

If you are running a Lessons and Classes activity where a customer must book ALL sessions, a Concise Invoice would be appropriate here, as you will have one total charge.

Where do I change the settings for this?

  1. Navigate to the Edit Activity page.

  2. Scroll down to Invoice Settings.

  3. Click on the blue Show Advanced Options.

  4. Use the drop-down menu to select which type of invoice you want to generate for this activity. 

Congratulations! You now know how to generate Concise Invoices.