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Concise Versus Detailed Invoices


  1. You want to understand the difference between concise and detailed invoices

  2. You want to understand what information will be available to you as a provider as well as your customers

This document assumes the following:

  • You have set up your activity on Enrolmy

  • You understand the purpose of an invoice

  • You know the business rhythm of your activity

How To Choose Concise Or Detailed Invoices

  1. Navigate to the Edit Activity page

  2. Scroll down to Invoice Settings

  3. Click on the blue Show Advanced Options

  4. Use the drop-down menu to select which type of invoice you want to generate for this activity. 

Concise Invoices Explained

A grouped/concise invoice aggregates all sessions and displays a single row with the totalled number of sessions and the total amount.

Detailed Invoices Explained

A detailed invoice displays each session's information as a separate line item.

Important note:

  1. The detail where exact days are viewed are only visible by the provider in Enrolmy

  2. This will not feed through to Xero due to the data limitations

  3. Your customers will not see this detail

Congratulations! You now know how the difference between concise and detailed invoices!

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