1. You are operating a Before and After School Care

  2. You need to generate invoices for customers/attendees of your Before and After School Care activity

  3. You have not yet created invoices, or alternatively, you need to reinvoice a customer/attendee

This document assumes the following:

  • You have completed the attendance for the Before and After School Care timeframe you are invoicing for

  • You have completed the WINZ/OSCAR reconciliation process

Create your invoices at the end of each week by clicking on the “Generate Invoices” tab. Attendance records for the week must be completed before invoices can be created. The date range in the “Invoices” and “Generate Invoices” tabs will automatically default to the most recently completed week for you.

  1. Click on the Generate Invoices tab.

  2. Select the week you wish to invoice from the date range drop-down list.

  3. Select the date you want to show the invoice is dated.  This can be any date.

  4. Select the attendees you wish to invoice or click select all.

  5. Click the orange “Generate Invoices” button.


5. Draft invoices will be created for each attendee. OSCAR subsidies will be included if applicable as line items on the invoice where they are known (you can see it highlighted in red below).



6. Review your draft invoices in the Money section.

7. Select the draft invoices you want to send and click approve and email.


Awesome! You now know how to reconcile attendance!