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How to Handle WINZ Payments That Do Not Relate To An Activity on Enrolmy


  1. You have recieved WINZ payments for an activity that is not on Enrolmy

  2. You want to know how to handle these WINZ payments

This document assumes the following:

Unrelated WINZ Payments

  1. Upload the relevant Work and Income Statement as usual

  2. Review the information translated from the Work and Income Statement

  • Select the Ignore (Not an Enrolmy activity) under the child’s name;

  • And select Ignore (Not an Enrolmy activity) under activity:

The WINZ payments whereby Ignore (Not an Enrolmy activity) was selected means that those payments must be handled manually within Xero and applied to respective invoices.

Awesome! You now know how to handle WINZ payments that do not relate to an activity on Enrolmy.

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