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How To Manually Create A Credit Note


  1. You want to manually create a new credit note

This document assumes the following:

  • You have set up your activity on Enrolmy

How To Manually Create A Credit Note

  1. Navigate to the Money tab

  2. Select Credit Notes

  3. Select New Credit note

Please see below the information that you can enter in a manually created invoice:





For (Student)

Name of student the credit note is for

For (Bill payer)

Name of Bill Payer the credit note is for

Activity Name

You can link an activity to ensure accurate tracking

If no activity is linked, then it will remain as “Not linked to an activity“.

Credit Note Term

Term for when the credit note is applicable

Bill Payer Address

This will appear automatically once a Bill Payer has been selected


A mention or refer to

Credit Note Period From/To

Period the credit note is for

Credit Note Date

The date the credit note is created

Tax Rate

The % of tax

Invoice Items

Category/ Item/ Description

Categorisation of the line item


Credit associated


Quantity / how many


Associate with an account for tracking purposes

Tax Rate

The % of tax


Total credit of line item (multiplied by quantity if more than 1)


Delete the line item if created in error

Add an Item

Add another line item


Additional area for further explanation

4. Lastly, you can either:

  • Create New Draft Credit note → will be saved as a draft where further editing can be completed

  • Create and Approve New credit Note → will be approved straight away, and no further changes can be made

Congratulations! You now understand how to manually create a credit note!

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