• You are considering what contact merge options you have, before completing your first Xero sync

This document assumes the following:

Enrolmy automatically creates parent accounts within Xero during the first sync in order to establish an Enrolmy ID. This ID will be the identifier used during each Xero sync. You will already have parent accounts present within Xero, therefore when Enrolmy syncs for the first time. Two instances may occur:

1. If the Enrolmy billpayer and Xero parent contact names are the exact same - these will auto-merge

  • If you do not want this automatic merge to occur for any reason then see how to switch this off inside Enrolmy here.

2. If the Enrolmy billpayer and Xero parent contact names are different - then there will appear to be duplicate accounts inside Xero. Therefore the process of merging these accounts needs to occur. 

How To Manually Merge Duplicate Accounts Inside Xero

1. Log in to Xero and select Contacts.

2. Search for the contact first or last name inside Xero.

3. Both the Enrolmy billpayer and Xero contact should appear in the search results.

2. Once these have been identified - then it is key to note which one is the one associated with Enrolmy in order to not break the link.

 How To Identify Enrolmy Billpayer Inside Xero

  • The Enrolmy Contact ID which can be found within the contact details inside Xero

  • The email address associated with both accounts in Enrolmy and Xero is the same.


1. Select the account that will be merged with the account that you have identified to keep.

2. Select Options and Merge.

3. Type in the relevant contact you are wanting to merge with (ie the Enrolmy account).

4. Select merge and the two contacts would have merged keeping intact the Enrolmy/Xero link

Great! You now know how to manually merge Xero contacts using Enrolmy!