1. You need to mark a future booking as absent

  2. You are marking a booking absent in the future from the Enrolmy desktop application

This document assumes the following:

  • You have an activity up and running

  • You have bookings in this activity

How To Mark A Future Booking & Remove From Attendance

This process will remove the attendee from the attendance for the day once saved.

1. Within your activity, head to the Attendance tab and select the correct date

2. Select 'None(will not attend)' under the session drop down

3. Save changes.

How To Mark A Future Booking & Keep On Attendance 

1. Inside your activity, click Attendance and select the correct date

2. Click the '+' next to the attendee and add a note that they will not be attending

3. Save Changes

4. When reconciling attendance, mark the attendee as absent. 

Awesome! You can now jump in and marks future booking as absent!

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