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How To Quick Book A Family With Two Kids


  • You want to add a new parent and two children to your customer database in Enrolmy.

  • You want to add a new parent and two children to your customer database in Enrolmy and book the children into an activity immediately.

This document assumes the following:

  • You have activities set up on Enrolmy. 

  • The parent and children details you need to add do not currently exist in your customer database.

Quick Book Functionality

See here how to quick book a family:

How To Add The Second Child

1. Go to the 'Customer' tab

2. Search for and open up the family profile 

3. Select 'Add Student' and add the second child details

4. Click 'Save

How To Add The Children To An Activity 

1. Jump into the activity and select 'Add attendees to activity

2. Search for the children accounts in the search bar using their family name 

3. Select both children

4. Click 'Add attendees'. Both children will now be added to the activity.


If both children have been added to a BASC or HP activity, you need to edit their bookings individually.

You can do this by:

1. Jumping into the activity 'All Attendees' list and searching for the child

2. Click the action cog and select 'Edit booking'.

3. This will allow you to add the child's days/ sessions for their bookings 

4. Make sure to save the changes 

Awesome! You now know how to Quick Book a Family that has more than one child!

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