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How To Reconcile Payments - Using Enrolmy and Xero



  1. You want to reconcile customer payments against invoices using Xero

This document assumes the following:

  • You understand the basic fundamentals of how to utilise Xero Accounting Software for your business

  • You have completed your Xero Integration with Enrolmy

  • You have customer payments inside your Xero account that need to be reconciled against invoices

  • You understand how the attendance and invoice reconciliation flow works for your activity type

How to Reconcile Payments Against Invoices Using Xero & Enrolmy

  1. Ensure that all draft credit notes and invoices you want to send to Xero have been approved as Xero cannot recognise draft financial documents

  2. Complete a Xero sync to ensure all Enrolmy-generated invoices/credit notes appear within your Xero account. Once an invoice or credit note is sent successfully to your Xero account, a Xero bubble will appear beside the invoice/credit note number within Enrolmy

  3.  Open another tab in your browser and Log in to Xero to reconcile your received payments

  4. Now match your customer payments against their relevant invoices:

    1. You may need to record part payments against invoices

    2. You must save the outstanding payment amount for part payments as a new transaction/overpayment.

  5. Once you have completed your payment reconciliation, head into Enrolmy and complete a Xero sync to make sure that both systems are like for like

  6. Finally, send out statements to your customer database

Great! Your reconciliation process has been completed!

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