1. You utilise Enrolmy's OSCAR Subsidy Reconciiation Process & integrate with Xero, and need to know how to reconcile WINZ Payments to the WINZ Suspense account

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You understand how to utilise Enrolmys OSCAR Reconciliation Process

  • You have completed your attendance, subsidies and invoice reconciliation process. 

  • You understand basic accounting principles

  • You have read and understood Understand WINZ Credit Notes

Identify WINZ Payments In Xero

WINZ payments will display in your Xero Bank Reconciliation section. These payments can be recognised as a:


How To Reconcile WINZ Payments Inside Xero

Remember, WINZ Payments have already been reconciled against customer invoices inside Enrolmy as a WINZ Credit Note. Therefore, you do not need to match the WINZ Payment against the customer's invoice inside Xero. Instead, you should code the payment to the EMY-WINZ- Enrolmy WINZ payment Suspense A/c.

1. Within the bank reconciliations section, against your received WINZ Payment you should use the following reconciliation references

a. WHO: Work and Income

b. WHAT: EMY-WINZ- Enrolmy WINZ Payment Suspense A/c

c. WHY: (Insert Statement Week Date) 

Awesome! You now know how to reconcile WINZ payments inside Xero!