1. You want to set a new default email template

This document assumes you know the following:

  • How to navigate the Communication section in Enrolmy

  • How to send emails from the activities, customer and money tab in Enrolmy.

How To Set a New Default Email

Setting a new default email will ensure that the copied email template will replace the system default email that is automatically sent out. Personalised emails cannot be set as default emails. However, it is possible to create a copy of a default email, modify the template, and then set the copy as the default email. 

  1. Navigate to the Communication section and then the Modify Templates tab

  2. Search for the original email that you want to create a copy of, select the action cog and then "Create a copy"


  1. Now modify the copied email template and save

  2. Select the action cog against your newly modified email template and select "Set as default"


Awesome! Now you will be able to personalize and brand-ify your default emails even further!