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How To Set Up A Staff Roster


  1. You are using Enrolmy’s Rostering for the first time

This document assumes the following:

  • You are an active Enrolmy user

  • You have activities that require staff rostering

Overview Of Staff Rostering

Step 1 - Enabling a roster for an existing activity

  1. Head into the Activities tab within Enrolmy and select edit activity:

  2. Scroll down to Staff Roster and select This activity requires a staff roster:

  3. Add your default ratio if required.

  4. Save changes

Step 2 - Creation of Tags

  1. Head into the Roster tab within Enrolmy → this will open another tab within your browser:

  2. Under Settings, select Tags and choose New Tag:

  1. Enter the relevant information to create a new tag:

  2. Find out more information on

Step 3 - Assigning Regions to your Venues

  1. Under Sources, head into Venues and assign a region tag that you have created for the venue of your activity:

All activity venues will be populated to this area.

Step 4 - Assigning Tags to Staff

  1. Under Sources, head into Staff and select the staff member you want to assign a position:

  2. Choose Assignments and add a position and region (if applicable)

You can add multiple tags if required.

Step 5 - Creation of Roster Templates

  1. Head into Templates and select New Roster Template:

  2. Head to the How to Create a Roster Template guide and find out how to complete the roster template setup.

Step 6 - Apply Roster to Specific Activity

  1. Within Activities, there will be a list of activities you have enabled rostering for. You will quickly identify which activities do not have a roster yet, have a draft status roster, or have a published roster.

  2. Apply a roster against an activity:

  1. Select the roster template you wish to use and approval period.

  1. Select the staff within the positions you wish to roster and submit.

Step 7 - Publish Roster

Once you save a roster as a draft, you can publish it directly from the Activities tab.

Publishing a roster means you are ready to communicate the schedule to the staff assigned to the activity.

  1. Hover over the drop-down button beside the Roster Status

  2. Click on the week you want to approve the roster. This will take you to the Calendar tab

  1. Select the arrow beside Draft

  1. Choose any of the options applicable with regards to:

    1. Approval periods

    2. Staff you wish to notify

    3. Add in any custom message

  2. Hit Publish

Note: Consider the Roster Health carefully before publishing a roster. Once a roster has been published, it will be directly communicated to the staff

Nice work! You now know how to create and apply roster to activities!

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