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How To Set Up Staff Rostering Tags


  1. You are using Enrolmy’s Rostering for the first time

This document assumes the following:

  • You are an active Enrolmy user

  • You have activities that require staff rostering

Creation of Tags

A tag is a label that can be associated with a person, a shift or an activity.

These include:

  • Position

  • Region

  • Skill

  • Custom

  1. Head into the Roster tab within Enrolmy → this will open another tab within your browser

  2. Under Settings, select Tags and choose New Tag

2A. Tags - Setting up "Regions"

  1. Create a tag with Regions as the category

  2. Name that region i.e Rolleston, Christchurch, Auckland etc

2B. Tags - Setting up "Positions"

  1. Create a tag with Positions as the category

  2. Naming that position: i.e. Manager, Ground staff, Coach

  3. Assign a colour to that position

  4. Assign the order they would appear within the roster calendar

2C. Tags - Setting up other necessary tags

If any other tags will help you decide when rostering staff i.e. driver, first-aid, swimming etc, you can create them using the same steps as above

Nice work! You now know how to create tags!

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