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How to set up WINZ Subsidy Rates


  1. You have recieved confirmation that a child booked into your activity will receive an OSCAR Subsidy

This document assumes the following:

  • You are an OSCAR Accredited organisation

  • You use the Enrolmy WINZ Reconcialtion process

Handling OSCAR Subsidies

In order to enter the subsidy rate for a child, you will need to head to their booking:

  1. Click the Bookings within the activity

  2. Select the action cog next to the relevant child and choose edit booking

  3. Beneath the booking, you can enter the relevant details for the subsidy:

Editing OSCAR Rates

There are two areas in which you can edit subsidy rates:

  1. Under the “Edit booking” option as stated above

  2. Within the Customers tab by selecting the WINZ bubble:

Awesome! You now know how to set up WINZ subsidy rates!

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