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How To Setup Full Week Sessions


  1. You are setting up a Before and After School Care activity type

  2. You want to offer parents a discount for booking into a full week

  3. You want to ensure that one booking into a session will auto-select the full week

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You understand how general session bookings work

  • You understand how discounts and booking policies work within your business

Setup Full Week Sessions

It is now possible to offer a full week-only booking option, this option can be created at a discounted price per session to give an incentive to parents to book in for a full week. 

1. Set up your sessions as per normal within the before and after school care activity.

2. Click on the Full Week Only tick box to activate this feature.

3. Save your BASC activity settings.

How Full Week Sessions Work for Parents

Customers can now book for a full week on both the Recurring and Full booking calendars (depending on your booking restriction settings) 

Impact on other activity settings

Discounts ~ Any additional discount/s that are set up in your BASC activity will also apply to this session booking option.  

Booking restrictions - This will apply to this full week-only booking option too. 

Awesome! You can now use Full Week Sessions in your activity!

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