1. You are setting up a before and after school care activity type

  2. You want to ensure that if parents select before/aftercare sessions they will also select pick-up sessions

  3. You want to ensure that any compulsory sessions are automatically selected

This document assumes you know the following:

  • You understand how to navigate your Enrolmy account

  • You are an office administrator in your Enrolmy account

Linking Sessions

It is now possible to link, or pair, sessions together ~ When one session is selected by your customer, then both available sessions will be automatically selected at the same time. We only advise Super Enrolmy Users to implement linked sessions in their activity setup.

How to Link Sessions

1. Setup your sessions as per normal in your before and after school care activity.

2. The pricing for the two sessions that you want to link should be discounted.

3. Save your BASC activity form.

4. Head to your organisation settings and open up your sessions

5. Edit the first session you want to link (ie. before school session)

6. Connect it to your other session (i.e after care session)

7. Link your secondary session to the first 

Parent View Of Linked Sessions

If sessions have been linked, then when a parent selects one or the other sessions, it will automatically select the linked session:

Awesome! If now know how to create linked sessions!

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