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How To Setup Payment Installments


  1. You want to understand how to allow customers to pay in installments for Holiday Programmes, Lessons & Classes and Camps.

This document assumes the following:

  • You have setup a Holiday Programme, Lessons and Classes or Camp Activity Type

  • Your payment method is credit card only

How To Activate Payment installments

  1. Check your Invoice Due Date and set a due date on your invoices that allows customers enough time to pay via the installments method. For example; a customer cannot pay every four weeks if the invoice due date is three weeks away.

  2. Within your activity settings, select YES to ‘Make paying by credit card the only available payment option’

  3. Payment instalment setup will now appear within the Pay In Advance Options, use the tickbox to select the relevant payment instalment options that you will accept from customers;

    1. Pay in full upfront by credit/debit card

    2. Pay in installments every four weeks

    3. Pay in installments fortnightly

    4. Pay in installments weekly

Available payment frequencies are weekly, fortnightly, or every 4 weeks and only a maximum of 12 installments can be made.

Payment instalment Plans for Holiday Programmes and BASC activities will be handled in a future release.

  • Overview of Payment installments

  • What Customers Can See When Payment installments Are Activated

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