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How To Setup Payment Instalments


  1. You want to understand how to allow customers to pay in instalments.

This document assumes the following:

  • You have setup a Holiday Programme, Lessons and Classes, Camp Activity Type, Before and After School Care Activity or Registration Activity

  • You take credit card payments as a method of payment

  • This activity is set to invoice in advance

How To Activate Payment instalments

Within Activity Settings

  1. Check your Invoice Due Date and set a due date on your invoices that allows customers enough time to pay via the instalments method. For example; a customer cannot pay every four weeks if the invoice due date is three weeks away.

  2. Select YES to ‘Make paying by credit card the only available payment option’ if you want payment instalments to be payable by credit/debit card only.

  3. You switch on YES to ‘Allow my customers to pay for their main invoice in instalments

2024-04-29 12.52.24.gif

  1. You can fine-tune your payment instalments by:

    1. Deciding if the first instalment (which is always taken at the time of booking) should be a full instalment, or a small deposit instalment.

      1. The current options are:

        At the time of booking customers should pay…

        • their first instalment in full.

        • a £/$5.00 first instalment.

        The deposit amount is currently hard-coded as £5.00 in the UK and $5.00 elsewhere. The setting is designed to give Providers the option to delay all payments until after the activity has started while at the same time ensuring a valid credit card or direct debit payment method is captured at the time of booking.

    2. Delaying the second instalment payment until after the activity has started.

      1. The options are:

        Delay the second instalment payment until…

        • the scheduled instalment date (no delay).

        • after the activity begins.

        • one week after the activity has begun.

        • two weeks after the activity has begun.

        The setting is designed to give Providers the option to delay instalments until after the activity has begun to account for delays in receiving subsidy payments which may need to be applied before an instalment payment is taken. Choosing only to use the “Pay in instalments fortnightly” or “Pay in instalments every 4 weeks” payment options may also help with this.

  2. Payment instalment setup will now appear within the Pay In Advance Options, use the tick box to select the relevant payment instalment options that you will accept from customers;

    1. Pay in full upfront by credit/debit card

    2. Pay in instalments every four weeks

    3. Pay in instalments fortnightly

    4. Pay in instalments weekly

    5. Pay in full via manual bank payment


The Pay in full via Manual Bank Payment option will allow parents to pay the instalment via cash or bank transfer. You (the activity provider) must reconcile these payments to the associated invoices manually.

Within invoice settings

In Invoice Settings, it is now possible to set the day of the week that all instalment plan payments should be taken. This is to help align automatic payments with bank payment and subsidy reconciliation processes.

Capture 2024-03-07 at 16.42.53 (1).png

Instalment plan payment dates are set when the booking is made. If this setting changes after bookings have been made any existing instalment plans will not change (ie payments may be taken on different days to the one chosen).

Available payment frequencies are weekly, fortnightly, or every 4 weeks and only a maximum of 12 instalments can be made.

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