1. You want to know the best way to setup your van/bus pickup session for before & after school care or a holiday programme activity type

This document assumes the following:

Guide Overview:

You will learn how to:

1. Setup a van/bus pickup category

2. Setup a van/bus pickup session

3. Set a cap against this session

4. You should refer to the session creation process checklist to ensure that you also attach the correct xero branch/department and account code to this new session 

1. Setup Van/Bus Pickup Categories

You need to ensure that you set up a category specifically for your van session so that it works independently of your other sessions.

Add an additional category by:

1. Within your organisation Settings, head to Sessions Categories

2. Select Add Another Category

3. Input the category name: Bus Pickup or Van Pickup

4. Don't forget to Save Changes

 2. Setup Van/Bus Pickup Sessions

The next step is to add in a van/bus pickup session that your parents can book alongside a before and after school care or holiday programme session. Add a van pick up the session by:

1. Within your organisation Settings, head to Session Pricing

2. Select Add Another Session

3. Input the specific details for your van pick up session:

  • Activity type - Before and After School Care or Holiday Programme

  • Session Name -  Bus Pickup or Van Pickup

  • Category - Bus Pickup or Van Pickup

  • Limit - Set a session cap that reflects how many children max can book into a pickup session.

  • Start Time - Set the Bus Pickup or Van Pickup start time

  • Finish Time - Set the Bus Pickup or Van Pickup finish time

  • Session Price - Set the price associated with the session

  • Session type - IMPORTANT You need to select INDEPENDENT so that it works independently against all your other sessions.

  • Xero tracking option - If applicable, attach your programme type branch/department code.

Important: Parents will need to book a van session pick up as well as a before or after school session if they require both due to the independent session setting.

Great! You now know how to set up Van/bus pick up sessions!