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How To View Customer Promo Code Use


  1. You want to know how to manage promo codes once parents have booked with them

This document assumes the following:

How To View Promo Code Discounts Used By Customers 

1. Within the Customers Menu, select the '+' and then the Direct Discount Customers Tab

2. You can search for the customer or scroll to see the code used and by whom

3. Even if the Promo Code was not selected to be used as a direct discount, it will still display here within the Direct Discount Customers Tab:

Promo Code Review On Invoices

The promo code will appear on an invoice as a discount line item:

Promo Codes as Direct Discounts Within Customer Profile

A promo code can only be viewed against a customer's profile if the promo code setting Attach This Discount Permanently To Each Attendee As A Direct Discount is switched on. Promo codes not set as direct discounts will not display against the customer's profile.

1. Within your Organisation Settings, head to the Promo Codes section

2. Switch on the option to Attach This Discount Permanently To Each Attendee As A Direct Discount

3. Select Save Voucher

4. Search for the customer's profile within the Customers tab

5. Scroll to the direct discounts section on the customer's profile and see the promo code attached and saved as a direct discount

Great! You now know how to view customer promo code use!

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